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 About Us


At Green Angels, we take pride in providing top-shelf cannabis products.  Whether you are looking for something calming, uplifting or euphoric, our products will address your array of needs using the different strains and phenotypes available. 



Please begin by viewing our menu located at the Shop page... 

Once you know what you'd like...

Add it to your shopping cart and checkout.  Once this is complete proceed to step 2.


To verify your Age & Identity as well as confirm your order, Please send us a photo ID & selfie as well as your order details to

(571) 989 -3739  in order to confirm DOB and Name (*Feel free to cover any sensitive info*) 

Please proceed to the next step once Completed.


 If Delivery, Please provide a valid location complying with our requirements. For Pick-up, Please provide us with your desired pickup time...  time plus any messages to the driver to accommodate your order. 


We’ll review your Order... Once we've Verified your information, We'll confirm with you afterwards & process your order for pickup or delivery.


*Age Verification is Compulsory and Cannot be circumvented.

Your picture, Age, and Drivers License Number must be visible, you can block out your home address if you'd like.                                                                                 
* This process only happens once. It is to ensure our liability and safety *​

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