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5 Tips for Properly Storing Cannabis to Keep it Fresh

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

Cannabis or Weed is an extremely useful psychoactive drug that is used to reduce symptoms of many diseases and for treating some. Cannabis dealing was considered illegal for a long time due to its adverse effects until recently due to rigorous medical research, it has come to light that the drugs based on weed are actually quite effective if taken in recommended doses.

This led to legalisation of cannabis and many Weed delivery services emerged on the scene. Nowadays, getting your hands on cannabis is not that hard, what is hard, however, is to keep your weed fresh, potent, and effective for a long time and that is what this article is all about.

Following are some of the most effective ways to keep your weed safe and fresh for a long time.

1. Do not Store in Your Freezer

Unlike the rest of the vegetables and plants, cannabis can actually go bad if you try to freeze these. Their active contents like THC and CBD lose their effectivity faster in cold environments.

That is why it is suggested that you keep your cannabis in tightly sealed jars at room temperature.

2. Use Medicine Bottle or a Glass Jar

Both these options work pretty well. Glass jars are easily available and are a bit cheaper while medicine bottles might cost you more. Make sure that both these types of vessels are completely sanitised and dried before you put your Marijuana in them.

Glass jars and medicine bottles are tightly sealed which keeps the outside contamination and prevents microbial growth of cannabis.

3. Less Exposure to Light

The components which form cannabis are organic which means they are sensitive to light intensity. Keeping the cannabis jar in direct sunlight causes it to lose its aroma and potency.

Weed becomes less effective due to the decay of psychoactive components and becomes virtually useless if exposed to intense light.

4. Cannabis Humidors Work Like Magic

Now, this might be a bit expensive but its usefulness makes it totally worth it. You can buy such humidor from Cannabis dispensary Virginian/va as well to keep your weed fresh for a pretty long time.

Cannabis humidor comes with various partitions which you can use to store various weed strains in an airtight environment. The device can also be used to store cigars and cigarettes.

5. Storage Container Size

This is another important thing to consider while storing your cannabis. Most people don’t know it which results in a less savoury and ineffective smoking experience.

Do not store a small amount of weed in a big jar. Because while closing it some oxygen might remain in the container which can destroy weed’s texture and potency. Always keep the jar full, and if you do not have much Cannabis, pick a smaller one.

Green Angels: Best Cannabis Delivery Service Across Virginia

We are a Richmond, Virginia-based cannabis delivery service that takes pride in the quality and effectiveness of the weed products that we offer. Our Virginia dispensary specializes in producing fresh weed and storing it in a way that stays contamination-free for a long time.

Contact us any time you want and our customer care service will be glad to listen to your requirement am offer you what you need.

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